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Our dreams (speech by President Bai in 2019)

Feb. 16. 2019

I have a dream, to build YATAI rubber hose into a world-renowned brand and make China's manufacturing a proud example.

I have a dream that every team member is the top talent in the industry and respected for being in YATAI.

I have a dream, so that all customers and employees are full of confidence towards the future, to achieve a happy life dream!

For this, I have struggled for eighteen years, I don’t regrets! Today, I'm still on my way!

For the mission, for the love, let us join hands to create a brilliant tomorrow!


Our mission:
Committed to the safety and speed of fluid delivery, providing hose delivery solutions to customers around the world!

Our Vision:
Become the leader in the first-class quality of the Chinese hose industry!

Our core value:
Customer first, integrity-based, quality first, innovative and progressive

Our Core competitiveness:
Create a quality system that is guided by technological advancement, ingenious manufacturing and star-rated services.